Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking Our Own Records

We are so excited about the great response to our lessons! The groundwork laid by the Christians here has made a great difference. Yesterday Josh, Gina, and I put in a marathon day, meeting with a total of 18 readers! Averaging 4 each would be an excellent turnout, but we obviously exceeded that. But the record-breaking part is that as of Wednesday afternoon at 2, we have had NO no-shows! We are delighted, of course, for on every previous project there have been times when a reader simply did not come or call.

Today I had a student whose family speaks English in the home. That's a first, and of course his English is better than average. It's interesting that he does not feel overconfident and still wants help with his English. When I have a reader that skilled, I'm thrilled when I can teach him new vocabulary or help with his pronunciation.

We are getting ready for our party tomorrow night with the Southwestern theme. We expect a crowd since the church families are supplying dinner first. Here is where the United States and Malaysia have something in common. As they said, college students will always come if a meal is provided!

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