Friday, July 23, 2010

Last LST Party

Our last party was a rousing success. We couldn’t get the students to leave! It was after eleven by the time we got home, but ours was a sweet tiredness.

Thirty-five of our 49 readers were at the final party. Everyone brought food and Gina, Kinley, and I made a huge taco salad—4 packages of taco mix for the “minced beef,” and all the lettuce, tomatoes, etc., that go with it. We bought several 3MYR ($1) bags of chips and used them all. We were able to buy salsa here in the Western Foods aisle. The American, Sharon, who attends the church here lent us her enormous bowl to put it in. There was a preponderance of desserts, but of course no one could complain about that!

We gave awards which were received with much excitement. Josh had a reader, Kong, who came for 17 lessons! I think even Josh, with his 10 LST trips, has never gotten further than that with a first-time reader. My reader Yike came 13 times, so she also got a prize. We gave them CDs of a mix of Christian music that Josh put together several months ago and that we’ve listened to a lot. We also gave prizes for those who brought the most people, and those who attended every party received CDs from the parties.

We sang for the group “Ancient Words,” “Magnificat,” and “In Christ Alone.” Then we taught “God is So Good.” But the highlight of the evening for me was when Matthew, the local song leader, got together all our readers and had them sing “Crown Him with Many Crowns.” Seeing all those sweet young people singing praises to Jesus was very touching. We knew that many had said they did not believe in Christ and still believe in following Buddha or Tao, but at that moment they were affirming God. I prayed that the words they were saying would become true to them. They also sang in Chinese a song of blessing that was very sweet.

What a terrific way to end our project! After studying 321 hours, we could see some fruits from our work.

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Larry said...

You are almost home!!! Delta flight #43 is set to arrive at 3:10 P.M., EASTERN time!! We are looking forward to catching up!! We are fine!
Larry and Nancy