Monday, August 01, 2011

So Far, So Good

Last night I visited my friend in the ER and today in ICU. She is still sedated so I'm not sure how she's doing. The nurse was optimistic that she'd be back on her feet in a few days.

I talked to another woman who has mentored her far longer than I have. She is equally concerned and was actually at the apartment when the police arrived. God has obviously put her in this girl's life, too.

I fear my friend will be angry at me for sending help when she was willing to give up. But I know this gives me more chances to talk to her about her brother Jesus and God her Father. Now she will have a chance to have the love and the family she never had.

What can I tell her about the loneliness of her life? I can offer her a loving church family and my friendship, but she also needs the friendship of peers who are good influences. I know many loving young adults who will gladly embrace her as a friend if she'll only let them in. A lifetime of being let down is hard to overcome.

Any suggestions out there for how I can convince her of God's love and acceptance and forgiveness?


Kenda said...

Praying your friend pulls through--and that she sees God's love for her through the loving concern of those of you who are at her side. That along with prayer works wonders :-)

Anonymous said...

Lanita, You have some heavy concerns going on with your friend. I pray for wisdom in working with her and softness in her heart. God bless you for your willingness to reach out.