Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I began this post by pondering some of the small everyday things we all deal with, skipping across a shallow stream of my shortcomings and those of others. Then my pondering got away from me and I began to drown in the deep waters.

Why do people leave lights on in a room no one will use all day?

Why do people leave cabinet doors open?

Why do people leave toys strewn around when the child won’t return for days?

Why do people drop or spill something and not clean it up?

Why do people wear worn-out shoes and clothes when they have better in their closets?

Why do people bemoan gaining weight and keep eating too much?

Why do people cling to people who destroy them?

Why do people give in to temporary pleasures and sacrifice long-term joy?

Why do people give up on life?

Why do parents desert children?

Why do people bring children into the world when they cannot care for them?

Why do people make promises they know they cannot keep?

Why do people fall for promises that experience says will not be fulfilled?

Why do people read the Good Samaritan story and then turn from those in need?

Why do people seem so put together and then fall apart more than others?

These are just a few questions I’ve pondered lately. I may have more later. For the questions about my own behavior, I have ideas of what the answers might be. For the others, I’m clueless. If you have any answers, please comment below!

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